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volunteers searching again this morning at an east bay landfill. >> still missing the man who may be a fifth victim, searching again at an east bay landfill. small plane crash in redwood city they do not pinpoint the cause of the crash. >> good morning monday september 6th. labor day 2010. i am john kesler. >> i am sydnie kohara. a quick look at traffic and weather elizabeth got the day off because it is a labor day holiday and someone should get the day off but not much out there. people coming into the city just like us having to go to work golden gate bridge. >> not bad. >> nope. let's get a check on our forecast. hi lawrence. >> this should be a spectacular labor day around the bay area. sunshine all the way to the coastline, temperature is heating up, offshore winds, cranking up the numbers inland, 80s and low 90s. san jose and out toward the
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coastline the coast is clear of low cloud and fog. will stay that way all day long temperatures upper 60s. mid-70s. big changes in the works. >> 6:02 a.m. law enforcement officers and volunteers back at an east bay landfill, ann is in pittsburgh where searchers are looking for a man missing for more than a week. good morning. >> good morning they have been at it since friday, three full days of searching so far. they are going to continue this morning looking for maybe a body or any clues that might lead to the where abouts of a missing man so far they have come up empty handed. about 2 dozen volunteers, and several invest gators have been out here every day since friday, sifting through three thousand tons of trash at keller canyon landfill looking for clues that may lead them to frederick solace the 35-year- old son of 73-year-old ricardo
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solace who was found beaten to death. frederick has been missing, feared to be the fifth murder victim in a string of killings linked to effron valdemoro he was shot on killed tuesday after a high speed chase in the car with a body of cindy tran believed kidnapped by him as she left work. the bodies of two other women were found many his home last week investigators were led to keller canyon landfill after rita alan's escalade was found near an office park and a vehicle was seen driving from the area near the escalade to dumpsters taken to this landfill. >> starting with small portions of debris we have an excavator, a large piece of equipment with a large bucket attached scoops up a bucket of debris it is -- that debris is spread out in a cleaner location and volunteers
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are going through each bucket full manually. >> reporter: and here is a clue into the potential motive the missing man's relationship with valdemoro whom you see here looking beaten up. he told police solace and his father did this to him in a fight over the girlfriend he filed police reports soon after the elder solace was found dead the younger one missing. so again, the search resumes for any clues at keller canyon landfill at 8:00 a.m. >> thank you. ann in pittsburgh this morning. memorial was held last night for those killed in that murder spree, 100 people attended the service was held for the four known victims as well as valdemar row because he left a family behind as well. message from the four sons of victim cindy tran was read by a family friend. we now realize how precious and how short and fragile life really is to appreciate the
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ones you love, because you never know when they will be taken away. tran's four sons wanted to thank the community for its support. liver more man in custody accused of stabbing his 14-year- old son 11 times with a fishing knife. the 48-year-old got into a fight with the teen on a trip to the bethany reservoir over the weekened his wife was injured when she intervened the injuries to the wife and son are not considered life threatening. 6:05 a.m. national transportation safety board releasing findings on a plane crash in redwood city that killed three people. it crashed into a lagoon shortly after take off thursday the body of a woman was found shortly after the crash. the bodies of two men were found inside the plane when it was lifted from the lagoon
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friday. >> primary examination of the aircraft shown all are in their correct position. >> it is not clear who was piloting the plane it had dual controls. ntsb will release a preliminary report 5 to 10 days a final report will take 6 to 9 months. >> state workers will have another chance to get governor schwarzeneggers furlough program tossed out. three lawsuits challenging the power for workers. workers say it violates their union contract, the courts ruling not expected for several months. >> former hewlett packard ceo fired after he was accused of sexual harassment could have a new job wall street journal reporting mark herd is in talks with oracle, the ceo of oracle is a friend of herds and came to his defense in the wake of
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the scandal. ellison isn't going any where the top job is not available. while running hp he won praise for his cost cutting and acquisitions those could help herd and oracle known for aggressive deal making. >> people in richmond have alternatives for a casino : a group wants to build a casino hotel resort they say the development and ripple effects would create 17,000 jobs but critics say it would be bad for the area. richmond city planners asked the public to submit other ideas, among submissions a marijuana farm, college campus and nature center. 6:07 a.m. a beautiful day ahead of us first a quick check on traffic. 880 at the coliseum in oakland,
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amariners will play, 12:35 p.m. today. >> giants -- >> they beat l.a. for a game or game and a half. >> game >> san diego one game away from san diego just reeling. so hey, giants got a shot. >> okay looking good there other shots? >> no. >> bay bridge, golden gate bridge looking good. yeah, it is looking spectacular outside, clear skies, wind kicking in, beautiful still clear water over the bay moon coming up sunrise 6:35 a.m., when it comes up we will crank up temperatures outside cool in spots travelling around the bay area not going to last long. clear skies going to help warm up temperatures in a hurry 50s and low 60 inland, clear out toward the coastline clear skies with offshore winds by the afternoon load of
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temperatures out at the beaches 60s. mid-70s. beautiful at the coast. hardly any days like this all summer long inside the bay 80s low 90s, hot in spots inland, upper 80s. mid-90s towards the afternoon enjoy it a major cool down what a great end of unofficial end of summer back to you. 6:09 a.m. president obama heading to wisconsin. >> economic proposal the president is going to unvail during his labor day speech. >> san francisco super visors considering a new tax. what additional revenue would be spent on ,,,,,,
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trail this week.. >> it is 6:12 a.m. we are trying. we really are, but we haven't been able to find any traffic problems. >> they would not let us do traffic unless it is a day like this. elizabeth is gone. one lone car. >> nice and quiet if you want to get out and get to where you are going early. >> president obama hitting the campaign trail hoping to boost campaigns of democrats struggling to keep their seats in congress.
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he will begin with labor day speech on jobs and economy. union leaders have been disappointed with his efforts to push through pro labor legislation but democrats are still counting on labor for a get out the vote effort. >> state attorney general gerry brown will make his campaign for governor more visible starting today ads will begin running on television stations he was previously in the governor's office for 8 years starting 1975. >> his main challenger in november is republican meg whitman the former ceo of ebay has hammered brown with her tv ads funded by a campaign war chest that includes millions from her own money. >> mr. kesler bad news, cocktails could cost more in san francisco board of super visors to decide whether to tack on a new fee to alcohol served at bars and restaurants. bottle of beer extra 5-cents.
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more for hard liquor. it is supposed to generate $16 million for alcohol abuse programs, some bartenders say it would make a tough business climate tougher. >> minimum wedge san francisco higher than any where s whole health care thing you know, so the cost of doing business keeps going up and up and up. the public health department says it spent $13 million last year to get chronic drunks off the street including paramedic responses and emergency room care the fee intended to offset those costs. 6:14 a.m. the bell is back. >> coming up stolen bell from a peninsula church recovered where the historic item was discovered. >> it is going to crank up the heat and cook in some parts of the bay area some numbers moving well into the 90s labor day forecast coming up ,,,,
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stories: 6:17 a.m. looking at san mateo bridge, traffic flowing smoothly. as a matter of fact it is smooth all around the bay area. and going to be a nice day too. lawrence joins us. hi. >> hey guys, a lot of sunshine coming our way spectacular labor day, offshore winds setting up on just the right day, stay clear all the way to
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the coastline. mount vacca looking out over skies and sun about to come up. 6:45 a.m. sunrise time. temperatures heating up in a hurry turning out cool in spots, bay area, mostly clear skies, no fog to speak of, 46 napa valley, 49 santa rosa, 58 san jose and 59 fairfield. i will tell you what if you are travelling around the state, sunshine and heat just about everywhere you go, 90s in toward central valley, monterey bay, mostly sunny as we head in toward the afternoon ridge of high pressure building in just the right time not going to be here long the system to the north of us knocking on the door. for today, offshore winds crank up temperatures even spectacular toward the coastline low temperatures moving up 70s out toward the beaches half moon bay 74, 72 and getting inside the bay 80s, a couple low 90s. east bay temperatures move into
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the 90s. inside the bay, 85 oakland, 84 degrees berkeley. 80s and 90s. 70s out toward the coastline you get the idea buttful weather the day by tomorrow looking at major changes numbers beginning to drop tuesday and wednesday, as much as 20 to 30 degrees cooler all around the bay area, partly cloudy skies, thursday and friday slight warming weekend ahead temperatures cold too. 6:19 a.m. let's look at today's top story search resumes for a man believed to be a victim in killings in the east bay. police and volunteers going through a landfill looking for frederick solace from hercules. no obvious cause in a plane crash that killed three people. a preliminary report expected
6:20 am
within 10 days but it is likely to be some time next year before the final report is in. state supreme court this week will hear arguments on three lawsuits, challenging the governor's power to order unpaid furlough days for state workers. they hope it will save the state more than a billion dollars, workers state it violates union contracts. hill burn theatre in foster city has its bell back. grace chapel bell is a bit of its history for the theatre it disappeared 2004 friday someone spotted it at a scrap metal yard it came on the theatres 70th ap versery hill barn officials cannot wait to put it back to work. >> it used to ring to start a she or ring at the end of intermission, so many of our patrons coming here for so many years love it and miss it. the bell was cast in 1908,
6:21 am
it will be returned to the theatres courtyard where it will once again get people to their seats on time. end of the summer, start of flu season. >> what kind of vaccinations are being offered. plus it is a plane, no, a home well, both. 747 conversion when we come back the "centers for disease control" is expressing concern about the upcoming flu ,, activia is better than ever! hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? today is your tasty lucky day! sure, why not? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. ooh, i think i'll pass. no, no, no! trust me. it is beyond tasty. okay! mmm! wow!
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good morning. warm temperatures hot in spots 80s and 90s around much of the bay area. >> see you in a couple minutes, 6:24 a.m. centers for disease control expressing concern about this upcoming flu season. >> most people over the age of 6 months are recommended to get shots. cdc normally recommends shots for people at high risk but there year one vaccine will protect against the seasonal flu or h 1 n 1 last year people had to get separate vaccinations. >> more than 50,000 people showed up for burning manifest value this year. >> 25% more than last year i guess looking for a good reason
6:25 am
to celebrate. this annual event wrapped up saturday night. that is when they set fire to a 40-foot effigy. did you know burning man began in 1986 here in san francisco at ocean beach and has grown into a worldwide attraction that starts a week before -- >> i know. >> i mean basically it is just you know, just kind of a free expression. >> go crazy. >> yeah now clean up crews are at work, getting rid of any sign 50,000 people spent a week in the middle of nowhere. looks like a midway. at a fair. >> there is a southern california woman that has come up with an idea for building a house using recycled materials. >> she is converting pieces of an old 747 jumbo jet into her dream home she bought this old
6:26 am
jet at a junk yard in the mohave desert and spent $35,000 for it architect is now breaking it down piece by piece and turning it into a contemporary home. >> i said well, it is a really wild idea, let's go find a plane and see what that would be like to use it as a roof and have it be a ceiling. >> a good start, $35,000 but get this the total cost for the home will be about $2 million. >> but they serve cocktails. >> yeah. >> up and down the halls. >> construction should be finished by end of the year. labor day, traditional end of summer also a day for people to have a picnic. >> nice question today what is your favorite picnic food? gay from petaluma says hot dogs and potato salad. >> alicia says subsandwiches and iced cold lemonade. >> eric in berkeley says his
6:27 am
favorite, watermelon. that is a good picnic treat right there. >> send your comments to or post your answers on our facebook page we are also on twitter tweet us. coming up another day in court on the governor's furlough plan the challenge to forcing workers to take unpaid days off. >> search for a possible fifth murder victim resumes this morning at this dump. it is no labor day for volunteers expected to come here today. what they are searching for and why ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> good morning it is just about 6:30 a.m. on this labor day 6th of september. >> good morning everyone. >> 8:00 a.m. this morning, that is when crews will resume their search for a man missing for more than a week. ann is in pittsburgh where the search is connected with a murder spree including five deaths. keller canyon landfill for three days they started on friday, today is day four, starting at 8:00 a.m. so far they have found nothing of value to the investigation. they are looking for this man, 35-year-old frederick solace whose father was found beaten to death august 28th. they believe it was effron valdemoro who killed him.
6:31 am
he is also linked to the killings of three people pictured here including his ex- girlfriend and two women in their 60s. one of whom he lived with off and on. he was shot and killed by officers last week. frederick solace has been missing since his father was found dead and police believe he may have been killed by valdemoro. we are searching this dump because the cadillac of one of the victims that valdemoro often drove was found at the dump of an office building where one of them worked and the dumpster was dumped here. >> i am hoping i know it is a huge new landfill, the chances of finding something in the first few days is probably nil. >> reporter: so the motive, the quick background on the missing
6:32 am
man's relationship with valdemoro you see here looking beaten up. apparently he and this solace, the father and son, had gotten into a fistfight one day and valdemoro filed a police report soon after the elder solace was found dead the younger one missing. again day four of the search they are going through 3,000 tons of gore badge, day four -- door badge, day four --garbage day four starts this morning. as many as a hundred people attended a service for the four known victims and as well for effron valdemoro because he left behind a family as well. a message from the four sons of victim cindy tran was read by a family friend. >> realize how precious and how short and fragile life really is, appreciate the ones you love because you never know
6:33 am
when they will be taken away. >> tran's four sons also thanked the community for its support. liver more man in custody accused of stabbing his 14-year- old son 11 times with a fishing knife. the alameda county sheriff's department said gary gomez got into a fight with his teenage son on a fishing trip over the weekened gomez's wife was injured when she tried to intervene. the injuries to the wife and son are not considered life threatening. no obvious cause of a plane crash in redwood city that killed three people ntsb released initial findings, it crashed into a lagoon, shortly after taking off thursday the body of a woman recovered shortly after the crash bodies of two men recovered from inside that twin engine plane when it was lifted from the lagoon friday. examination has shown all night control surfaces are present and accounted for in
6:34 am
their correct position. >> the plane had dual controls, so it is not clear who was actually piloting the plane ntsb expects to release a preliminary report within 10 days and final report will take 6 to 9 months. 6:34 a.m. state workers have another chance to have governor schwarzeneggers furlough program talked out. they will challenge three lawsuits to order workers to take those unpaid days off. the furloughs they say violates their union contracts the courts ruling is not expected for several months. >> former hewlett packard ceo fired after accused of sexual harassment could have a new job. mark herd is in talks with oracle, larry olsen the ceo is a friend of herds and came to to his defense in the wake of the scandal but he isn't doing any where so the top job is not
6:35 am
available. while running hp herd won praise for cost cutting and acquisitions and those skills could help herd at oracle. people living in richmond have come up with a variety of alternatives to a casino. a group of pomo indians wants to build a casino resort on the site. they say the development and ripple effects would create 17,000 jobs but critics say it would be bad for the area. richmond city planners asked the public to submit other ideas for the land. among the submission, marijuana farm, college campus and a nature center. 6:35 a.m. time to check on traffic and weather but elizabeth taking the day off because traffic really not very -- >> not a problem. that is the bay bridge. >> you never see it like this. this is what it is like when we come in in the morning. >> yeah a little darker. >> yeah.
6:36 am
>> is that it? that's it. okay. >> well, imagine all the other -- >> yeah. >> bridge, bay bridge everything is quiet. lawrence i am ready for a beautiful afternoon for this labor day. >> we've got the day for you sydnie, high pressure overhead folks starting out great hazy, clear skies all the way to the coastline offshore winds set themselves up for making beautiful labor day outside temperatures going to get hot in spots starting out this morning headed out the door clear and cool in spots, 40s and some of the valleys, 60s elsewhere. inside the bay, 50s and 60s and mostly clear, hazy into the 50s. by this afternoon spectacular weather, hot side inland temperatures upper 80s. mid-90s by the afternoon inside the bay, sunny skies, 80s. low 90s. beautiful beach day upper 06s mid-70s enjoy it while you have it, looking like a big time
6:37 am
cool down headed our direction in the not too distant future more of that in a couple minutes. >> thanks very much. 6:37 a.m. this is labor day a holiday with roots going back to the 19th century it has been a national holiday since 1894. most government offices are closed for the day including post offices and no mail delivery. library, schools and banks also closed but most retail businesses will be open, john, got to get to those mattress sales and shoe sales. >> you bet. ikea. >> today, trains will start rolling at 8:00 a.m. this morning, in san francisco muni is running on a sunday schedule also on sunday schedule, cal train, santa clara county and if you live on the peninsula, holiday schedule for san trans. but no service on the alameda
6:38 am
harbour ferry labor day means no service for ace. coming to the city check your parking meters. california highway patrol on pace to make more d u i arrests this labor day weekend than last year statewide arresting nearly a thousand drivers by yesterday morning 8 people in california died in dui crashes in bay area one person died 167 arrests so far, special enforcement program ending at midnight tonight. a lot of people are petty excited electric cars are about to hit the mass market. potential buyers may not be aware electric car ownership calls for a lot of work to their home. betty joins us to explain. good morning. >> good morning. the expectation is that tens of thousands of electric vehicles will be on silicon valley and barrier roads within the next decade but for people thinking
6:39 am
about buying that nissan leap, chevy bolt have you thought about where to charge it? at a charging station at work but if you want a quick charges station in your home garage it is not a matter of plugging in on a three pronged outlet it needs a dedicated circuit connected to a breaker industry experts say that will require a building permit and a i have visit from a local inspector. it could take 35 days. the cost, labor and installation could cost $2,200. federal tax credit could help defray costs through the end of this year and there are hopes those tax credits will be extended. live in silicon valley, cbs 5. >> you have to do your homework we were just talking about how much more electricity you will
6:40 am
be using and how much higher your bill could be. >> could go way up. >> thank you. betsy at kcbs radio silicon valley bureau. bay area grocery chain closing all its stores details when we return. >> one man's solution to the traffic jambs in china. the vehicle that is called the future decades in ,,,, is soft on cats. but deadly on fleas.
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business... p-w markets will soon be history. a little bit of fog shrouding the golden gate bridge this morning. >> not many cars at all. >> but i guarantee you that later on this afternoon when everybody starts to come home from labor day weekend it is going to be packed but right now clear sailing. >> lawrence has our forecast in just a couple minutes. there he is. >> i'm right here. >> let's talk about it one of those great days john, lots of sunshine out towards the coastline san jose, nice clear skies here, sun coming up on what is really a spectacular labor day around the bay area, out toward the coast. with that in mind temperatures cool in spots, 40s in napa
6:44 am
valley, santa rosa area, 57 already vallejo, 59 fairfield and 58 degrees san jose. looks like hot temperatures around the bay area, offshore winds kicking in hot spots, 97 fresno, sacramento, 93 sunny yosemite 93 monterey bay. temperatures mid-70s. get the idea not only beautiful weather there, but all around the state, courtesy of high pressure, sneaking in here in time offshore wind a quick hitter, offshore winds, coastline, heats things up hot in spots around the bay area today. with that in mind let's enjoy that sunshine while we have pitt, warm temperatures warm out towards the beaches, mostly sunny skies, 74 half moon bay, 72 pacifica, daly city inside the bay temperatures really
6:45 am
quickly turn into 80, even low 90s santa clara valley. east bay temperatures hottest around the bay area, 96 brent wood, 94 pleasonton, 87 san leandro, a little bit of sea breeze, oakland, berkeley, richmond pleasant weather here north bay expecting plenty of sunshine all day lock temperatures -- long temperatures heating up. 90 napa valley. next couple days big changes coming our way today spectacular what a great day for the holiday, tuesday and wednesday temperatures dropping as much as 20 to 30 degrees partly cloudy skies as we look toward wednesday. some are struggling to get out of the 60s. mid-70s. thursday and friday may be slightly warmer cooling down looking toward next weekend. back to you. 6:45 a.m. after theory 7 decades in business, pw markets will be
6:46 am
history. they announced over the weekend it will close its four remaining stores, pw is a local institution founded by the late joey franco 1943 but it has fallen on hard times struggling to compete against the national chains with bigger marketing budgets. there will be close out sales at its final stores in san jose, cupertino and castro valley at its peak they had 11 stores in the bay area. >> we all know how bad traffic can be around the bay area but nothing like in china where millions of cars get stuck from traffic every day. how one man is offering a futuristic solution. >> reporter: traffic is bad where you live? try beijing. re¢ly topped a survey measuring commuter pain and where traffic jambs can stretch for miles and last for days not surprising in a city with 4.5 million
6:47 am
vehicles for 20 million people. this bright idea called straddle bus, part bus part train part moving tunnel could soon solve real traffic nightmares using a mix of solar power and electricity it runs on tracks installed on existing roads allowing small vehicles to drive underneath the price tag to build it is $7.4 million holds up to 1400 passengers. >> the bus can produce 25 to 30% of traffic congestion because it doesn't occupy road space explains the chinese inventor the idea is proving an international hit with urban planners from the u.s. to india, beijing where the straddle bus is really gaining traction. here, desperate times call for desperate measures, 75-mile back up of cargo trucks outside china's capital has frustrated drivers since mid-august. if we don't stay in line we
6:48 am
have no way to enter beijing says this man. he will need patience the traffic jamb is expected to drag on until december when road construction is complete. in central beijing roads to the north stretching for miles all the way to the south are packed at all hours of the day. traffic is becoming a defining feature of the city creating a major headache for those who live here. they are investing in public transport miles of new subway tunnels, bike lanes express bus routes but there is little police call will to break the dependence on cars. >> half of the economy, first half 2010 was built on auto sales and related consumption. >> reporter: 20 years ago beijing was the kingdom of bicycles now it is car crazy still some believe futuristic straddle bus could give it a chance to regain some of the peace of its past.
6:49 am
6:48 a.m. labor day the traditional end of summer and day people go on picnics. >> what is your favorite picnic food? one viewer says potato and macro any salad. on twitter, wine. >> yeah. it is. >> on facebook james says potato salad you don't eat that every day but perfect day to have it. time for a look at what is coming up on the early show >> every erica hill working on this labor day from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning john and sydnie as well. a lot coming up this morning, just off the the top we will look at cbs poll shows nearly half a million americans disprove of president obama's handling of the economy he will announce initiatives this week which will hopefully jump start the economy. what does all this mean heading
6:50 am
forward? is it enough or too little too late. both sides of the aisle and we will hear from the labor secretary. >> another woman has been attacked by an acid throwing female what is going on with these attacks why were these women targeted a closer look and hear directly from that woman in arizona hear her story and you will get this story which just gives me chills, a twist of fate reuniting a dying cancer patient with a daughter he had not seen in 41 years she is working in the hospice where he is admitted their story coming up this morning along with lots more that we have to get to. labor day, we are very busy. working hard. >> good. >> we are too. no one else is. i hope they are at home chins up to the covers. >> i wouldn't have minded sleeping in. >> exactly saving energy. >> thanks erica. have a good one. >> see you in 10. >> it is 6:50 a.m. another day of searching at an
6:51 am
east bay landfill. labor day weekend edition. wing eating contest. >> there is joey. >> the black widow ,,,, [ female announcer ] we know jerry brown was mayor of oakland, but what were the results? fact: brown promised to improve schools. but the drop out rate increased 50%, and the state had to take over the schools. fact: the city controller
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landfill about an hour from now. they're trying to find a man who's been missing for more than >> law enforce. officers and volunteers back at an east bay landfill an hour from now. >> trying to find a man missing for more than a week. ann is in pittsburgh where a search is related to a killing spree where five people are known dead. >> reporter: good morning day four of the dumpsters here at keller canyon landfill they are looking for any sign of the body or where abouts of 35-year- old frederick solace. his father was found beaten to death august 28th, police believe effron valdemoro killed him and he was linked to the killing of three other people pictured here including his ex- girlfriend and two women in their 60s, one of whom he lived with on and off. he was shot and killed by officers last week. now volunteers and investigators are searching
6:55 am
this dump because the car that voled marrow often drove was found mere -- valdemoro often drove was found near the dumpsters that are dumped here. they are sifting through with an excavator s then going through by hand they have a cadaver dog sniffing around. it is difficult when it comes to having a police dog help out because there are so many nasty smells around a dump any way that can be confusing. they say they have found nothing of value to the investigation, so far, but also police say there is nowhere else they are focussing their search right now that is why they are really hoping to get some sort of clue here at the killer canyon landfill the search starts at 8:00 a.m. >> thank you ann in pittsburgh. it will probably be next year before the final report is in on last week's fatal plane crash on the peninsula. three people killed when their
6:56 am
small plane nose dived into a redwood shores lagoon. the twin engine plane climbed to 650 feet after it took off from san carlos airport then went down. the engine separated from the plane upon impact but they have been both recovered from the lagoon. quick check of traffic around the bay -- well, okay one spot 880. right. in oakland. >> look at that. >> mm-hmm. >> pretty much what you are going to find everywhere. >> all the bridges are fine too. >> scooting past the coliseum, ball game mariners and as at 12:35 a.m. i think the giants pulled into really tight race, one game behind the padres now, giants will be in arizona this afternoon. and not a bad day for a ball game. >> no. or anything around the bay area. lots of sunshine sun coming up looks like a fantastic day outside offshore winds cleared
6:57 am
out your skies pretty nicely around the bay area, it is going to heat things up as we head in toward the afternoon look at the bay, beautiful start to the day calm bay waters nice and clear inside the bay sunny as we head toward the coastline. hazy out there early on but don't worry about that plenty of sunshine all day long and warm temperatures out toward the coastal waters could very well see 70s out toward the beaches as you get inside the bay temperatures running up mid- 80s possibly low 90s towards santa clara valley and hot in the interior valley upper 80s. mid-90s as we head in toward the afternoon this heat wave, really a quick hit or going to move on out of town and these temperatures going to take a major nose dive as we head in toward tuesday and wednesday numbers headed down a good 20 to 30 degrees from today's high soak up the sunshine while we have it, cool and partly cloudy as we head into the middle of the week slight warming
6:58 am
thursday and friday, this has been the summer of cool weather all around the bay area, looks like it will head back to that pattern. today if you want to get out if he is fifthties around the bay area, looking hood, sausalito art festival a lot of sunshine warm temperatures great art to look at and they tend to have lots of things to drink and plenty of food. >> well, yeah. >> if you don't want to stay home and have a barbecue get out there. >> i have been to that festival really a nice way to spend the day. >> that's right? >> yeah today is one of those spectacular days. >> good deal. >> what are you doing? >> well,. >> eating chicken wings? >> doing beer can chicken. >> you put the chicken over the beer can. >> yeah, open up the beer can and it steams like that inside. >> drink the beer afterwards? >> no. >> you don't have to. >> they come in like six packs so five little lonely buddies you have to take care of.
6:59 am
>> that's right? >> that's right. >> black widow struck again. >> ate 181 wings and half the ice of the top ranked challenger. >> the top ranked challenger there, joey chestnut and the black widow next to him. sonia thomas victorious. the virginia native beating our local guy, joey chestnut, the top ranked competitive eater finished second 169 wings almost 5 pounds of wings can you believe that? >> in case you are wondering, there is a little size difference there. thomas the black widow, sonia is just 5 feet, 105 pounds, joey chestnut stands 6'2" and 230 pounds she beat him. >> this you go. hey brian. >> few you have a story idea or comment e-mail that guy there,

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